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I would highly recommend Chef James.
He truly cares about what he does, but more so cares about the people with who he sharing his passion for cooking!

Dear Jim, Anna and Randy,
Lori and I are pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation pertaining to your catering of my 70th birthday party on 29 December 2012. I can only say that everything was done to perfection. Your schedule was precise, services were provided according to the schedule planned earlier and the food, well, I’ll have more to say about the food shortly. You recall the day of the party Mother Nature was most uncooperative in that it was raining cats and dogs. None of that affected the three of you in the slightest. I would have thought weather would have required changing some schedules as, you remember, originally the party had been planned for the back yard and had to be moved inside on a few minute’s notice. Your services continued as if there were no possible impediments looming. Regarding the food, saying the BBQ and all that went with it was awesome would be the understatement of the month. The salad was a hit to the point that none remained. Some of the Redlands residents in attendance still rave about the food and catering service. Some of them (names used by permission) wished to go on record as recommending your services to anyone. Joe and Nancy Dimaggio Colonel Dan Rehm USAF (ret) Joe and Gabrielle (Gabi) Rea John Rowe, RN and Donna Rowe, RN Don and Diane Lowery Feel free to give my telephone number to any interested in your services. Again, thanks for a job well done.

The level of service at Brother 2 Brother Catering is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!

I have known James for a number of years and have experienced his culinary skills many times in various settings ranging from quiet, intimate dinners for four people to his catering events of up to several hundred people. Each time, and regardless of the job he has risen to the occasion and provided delicious meals, usually of several courses with an imagination and flair that make his presentations true dining experiences that appeal to and satisfy all of the senses. He is a man of many talents and, more than that, is a man of character with extremely high moral and ethical standards. He loves to cook and his enthusiasm will be greatly appreciated by all.

James is an outstanding chef. We presented a formal gala at our church in Loma Linda Ca. and were delighted by the menu he prepared. It was a 4 course meal with delicious delicacies the memories of which are making my mouth water as I write. He has a certain touch of class that is transmitted in both the preparation and presentation of his creative cuisines. I have also had the privilege of being transported to heights of gourmet ecstasy at private dinners in his home, where he seems to take great pleasure in pleasing the palates of his guests.

By far the two kindest and most genuine people I have met!
Chef James and his sous chefs were the perfect way to end a Bachelorette weekend.
Starting with the appetizers and ending with a surprise duet, it was definitely a night to always remember.

I can truly say that Jim has a natural talent for cooking. When my family has large events, Jim always brings the best dishes. He is so well known for his food that my children and even friends always ask if Jim is going to help with the food because what he does is always the best and most remembered.

Organizing the event with Chef James, his excitement and passion for cooking helped in creating the perfect menu, around the Bride’s favorites food.
Being in constant communication and throwing ideas around, Chef James wanted to ensure that everything was going to be perfect.

I have known James for ten plus years on a personal and professional level. I know him to be a man of conviction and integrity, always punctual and one who delivers as clients request. James has provided catering and food preparation for gala fund raising events, funerals and receptions, to name a few, and for special events of up to 500 people. I have contracted his services and I have referred him to local organizations as a chef and caterer because of his culinary skills. He has a unique capability preparing fabulous menus which meet the specific request of each client. Another important quality James has is providing assistance in affordable menu planning for the budget challenged as well as cooking without limits and never sacrificing elegance.

Our beautiful [Golden] 50th wedding anniversary celebration was recently catered by Brother2Brother Catering! This was an elegant formal/informal, friends and family, fun affair, made all the more enjoyable because of the outstanding and personalized skill of Jim and his staff. The cuisine was colorfully and magically displayed. Our guests raved about the multiple selections and tastiness. We cannot thank Brother2Brother enough for making our event exquisite, delectable and memorable.

James and staff were professional, clean, on time and their food was plentiful and tasty. The equipment he brought was of high quality and the quantities of items were excellent. There were no issues, as James was in constant communication with all involved and he exceeded expectations with his performance. Everyone enjoyed the food and James was very prepared for the venue. Everyone was happy! I can truthfully recommend James Cameron and Brother 2 Brother catering for his ability to create a wonderful meal for hundreds of hungry people, with class and poise.

My husband had James, the singing chef, bring a wonderful BBQ meal consisting of chicken and pulled pork sandwiches to my workplace yesterday. He sang to me and left me the most delicious food, which I shared with my coworkers. The BBQ sauce was the best I ever tasted.

All 21 ladies were drooling at the smell of the food and by the end of the night, we were all ready to roll into bed.

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