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Dr. Darold Simms

Dear Jim, Anna and Randy,
Lori and I are pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation pertaining to your catering of my 70th birthday party on 29 December 2012. I can only say that everything was done to perfection. Your schedule was precise, services were provided according to the schedule planned earlier and the food, well, I’ll have more to say about the food shortly. You recall the day of the party Mother Nature was most uncooperative in that it was raining cats and dogs. None of that affected the three of you in the slightest. I would have thought weather would have required changing some schedules as, you remember, originally the party had been planned for the back yard and had to be moved inside on a few minute’s notice. Your services continued as if there were no possible impediments looming. Regarding the food, saying the BBQ and all that went with it was awesome would be the understatement of the month. The salad was a hit to the point that none remained. Some of the Redlands residents in attendance still rave about the food and catering service. Some of them (names used by permission) wished to go on record as recommending your services to anyone. Joe and Nancy Dimaggio Colonel Dan Rehm USAF (ret) Joe and Gabrielle (Gabi) Rea John Rowe, RN and Donna Rowe, RN Don and Diane Lowery Feel free to give my telephone number to any interested in your services. Again, thanks for a job well done.

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